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All over the internet, you'll find career building and self-help articles on the same title but rarely on a topic that most of us seem to overlook – finding ways to not get picked by a law firm. After all, it's time for enjoyment and living life to the fullest! The world is anyway at a great risk of coming to an end in the coming decade as predicted by Nostradamus and other famous scientists and philosophers. As it is there is so less time in your hand, why start worrying for something at all, that you haven't created? Here are the top ways in which you can guarantee your rejection by a law firm!

• Upgrade Your Ego: The best way to turn off your employers is to show them the stuff you're made of! Give them free passes to your ego trip and witness their recruitment enthusiasm vanish in thin air! Vanity and ego building exercises are a must when dealing with law firm recruitment drives. They say that to become a successful attorney or a lawyer, you should be able to tell a lot of lies! That's disgusting; how cheap can a person become? Why should you sacrifice your morality at the behest of some dollars? You shouldn't. Never manipulate others and your morality.

• Use everything that is FREE on the internet: The internet is a place where one can find everything, though these days finding an advertisement is a greater possibility than anything else. One good thing about the internet is that you can help others generate business by subscribing to every law firm job search sites that is on the internet. And to make sure that you don't get the job, post a resume that is as irrelevant as the presenting your candidature! It goes without saying that you'll start receiving a lot of emails soon after. Know that you're helping the others expand their business!

• Deadlines are for Duds: God forbid, but if you did get employed with a law firm and want to leave the job, the best way to get fired is to miss deadlines. Actually it is more fun than anything else to miss deadlines and jeopardize the firm you're working for – try it!

• Bloat Your Experience: One thing that will help you not take up another legal job ever again in your life is by inflating, bloating your experience and credentials – that is of course if you're planning to include anything relevant at all in your resume! Lawyer hunters, recruiters love falsified documents and they will like yours too!

• Serious means no Fun: Lawyers, attorneys and legal eagles – all are boring people with one of the most boring job on the planet where one has to settle scores in courts by the power of speech. The best way to settle things is of course, by letting the stick do the talking while you silently enjoy the spectacle! A hitman has any day a more interesting job than a black and white dressed lawyer!

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Law Firm Jobs - How Not to Get Picked by a Law Firm

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This article was published on 2010/11/28