The Best Two Ways to Firm Your Stomach

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Many people often wonder why their tummies giggle when they run or when they do any form of physical exercise, even though they have very little belly fat. The reason is that their bellies just are not firm, so how do you firm your belly and stop the giggle? Well, there are town ways of doing this.

The Cardio Approach

Firstly, the tired and tested method of cardio. I recommend that you spend at least 20 minutes doing cardio at least 4 times a week. Now, if you're got an exercise bike at home, and a treadmill it makes more sense to alternate between the two, then to purely stick to the one machine. If you don't have any of this equipment at home, I strongly recommend that you go for a 20 minute run, or find a high stair case and practice jogging up and down several times.

The Abdominal Plank Approach

The second way to firm your abs is to perform an abdominal workout called a plank.  Here's how to perform a plank.

To perform a plan, lie face down on a yoga mat and lift your body to your toes and rest the weight of your upper body on your elbows to your forearms. The only point of contact that you body should make with the ground is your toes and elbows to forearms.

Your body should form a sort of bridge, while you're in this position tense your stomach and make sure that your back is in a parallel line to the floor. If you can't feel your abdominal muscles burning within a few seconds, you're not performing the exercise correctly.

How this works

This helps to firm the stomach and abdominal muscles by placing them under constant pressure and forcing them to remain firm long after the exercise has been preformed. That's why surfers always have an incredible body, because performing a plank puts the abs under the same type of pressure that is experienced when somebody is surfing.

To conclude, the combination of cardio and the abdominal plank will ensure that you no longer have a giggly belly.

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The Best Two Ways to Firm Your Stomach

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This article was published on 2010/03/30